Friday, October 11, 2013


By Jase Taylor 

I woke this morning to see and hear that some of the GOP (RINO’S) were at the White House meeting with President Obama. The first thought that came to my mind was; how much of America were they selling out? If I was a betting man, and I am, I would push all my chips in on whatever Obama wants they will agree to.

A sad state of affairs considering all the work that Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee have done.

As I write there is a convoy of truckers on the beltway around Washington DC clogging up traffic in a move to show support for the Constitution of the United States and their disapproval for the way our Government is being run, and more over the way the President is running this Country. How low can this nation go? I fear so low that we may never climb out of it all due to the actions of our idiot and Chief President Obama.  It might not be the numbers some were hoping for, but none the less they're American truck drivers showing their disdain for liberal politics in this Country.

Many people are calling for retirement of McCain, and many of the other RINO’s that clog up Congress; I agree. Time to go, you served our Country well, but your time has passed. So what now? In my opinion as the RINO’S seem to rule the roost things are just going to get worse, if that is even possible. I believe it can and it will, much worse than what we are seeing right now.

I Turned on Fox News when I got home from lunch only to hear Charles Krauthammer questioning Senator Ted Cruz, and his actions.

"Where is he now? ... Where are the generals? What is their strategy to get the abolition of Obamacare?" Krauthammer said of the two Republicans on "The Laura Ingraham Show."

"I mean his sidekick, Sen. Lee said, 'Oh, we're past Obamacare. We moved on,'" said Krauthammer. "These are the generals who lead people into the Battle of [the] Little Bighorn and then go home and have lunch and leave the troops out there? Where are they? Where are the generals? What's their strategy to get abolition of Obamacare?"

"I argued [to repeal Obamacare] in '09 and '10 ... I argued it every week in my writing, on television ... all of us were in the trenches. Cruz arrives on the scene and pretends he's just begun the fight against Obamacare," Krauthammer said, adding that Cruz never had a real plan to begin with even after Lee and others took up his cause.

I’m sick to death of the GOP turning on each other, it has to stop and stop now. Do you see the liberals attacking each other like wild dogs? No, but you will see the RINO fringe of the Conservative Party acting like crybaby’s when someone in the party stands up for what he or she believes in, God forbid they show passion for an issue as in defunding Obamacare.

I really thought this time would different, the GOP would stand united and stand firm against the Obama Administration I should have known better.

It’s business as usual inside the beltway. 

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