Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Real Reason Todd Kincannon Got Suspended: AGAIN!

By Randy Hahn

For all of you Todd Kincannon fans and hangers on there was NO massive spam block. Take it from me, when I had @FarRightOfLeft my account was very well seasoned with a follower count somewhere around 75,000 it takes a lot more then spam blocks to get an account of that size suspended. 

With Kincannon’s account much the same, but you cannot tweet out the words Rape, and you can’t tweet about putting razor blades in apples to hand out to homeless children on Halloween.  

Most certainly you cannot RE-TWEET something that was never tweeted, Twitter will get your ass for that and in the case of Kincannon he has done that many times to too many people; including yours truly and I have reported him to Twitter many times, as has many people he has pissed off.

When you make enemies not only from the radical progressives, but from your own side you are in big trouble and with Twitter coming close to their IPO much like Facebook did they are not going to put up with someone like Kincannon (there are many) and the garbage he tweets out, all the TOS violations he has on record; they just don’t have to.

For those of you slobbering all over yourselves tweeting Twitter to please reinstate Kincannon, don’t hold your breath. If they do let that bad excuse for a man back it will be on a very, very short leash.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Todd Kincannon: The Quintessential Twitter Attention Whore.

By Randy Hahn

Todd Kincannon, the former South Carolina GOP head of something fat guy, out of work lowlife lawyer with no life other than the one he lives out on Twitter or any other Social Media outlet that he can get his chubby little fingers around. This guy is one of many cancers that roam the halls of Twitter. 

A comedian to some, a disgusting vile pig to the vast majority of true Christian Conservatives that really try and often do make a real difference in Social Media; my hope is that some kid interested in politics doesn’t come across this mess of a man.

You see, I have some knowledge in this area. I once ran a large Twitter account (FarRightOfLeft) with that account I managed to do some real damage to the #StopRush movement, and take down some of the key players in the progressive left.

I also had history, and not a really good one. People like Matt Osborne, Karoli Kuns-Hayes, Neal Rauhauser etc...Found plenty of dirt on me as I did on them, but I have shuffled off that mortal coil long ago.

Twitter has become a real playground for the likes of Todd Kincannon seeking attention and friendship that comes in the form of 140 characters, but in the case of Kincannon he really gets his jollies by tweeting the most absurd over the top garbage all in an effort to get the spotlight of social media shined on him. Take it from me, it can be really funny at first and then its starts to get real; as in your everyday way of living and can take a huge toll on your life in general.

I hear Kincannon profess FREE SPEECH, FREE SPEECH yes free speech, but this kind of garbage coming from someone who claims to represent the Conservative party. If your objective is to take down someone or something that lives in the radical progressive movement, then yes; the gloves can come off.

In Todd Kincannon's case he tweets out the most outlandish things just to as he says "get a reaction." These words that Kincannon tweets out bother me for the simple reason of the people that might be reading this garbage, and take it as the Gospel of the Conservative party. I'll be the first to say that in my past I was no Angel, far from it; but people can and do change for the better.

Here are just a few tweets from Kincannon doing what he does best, and being all that he can be which in Todd's case is a lonely, out of work, down on his luck, overweight attention whore.

Keep it up TODD your 15 minutes of fame is about up. 

How could I leave out the famous 'sexting' pictures that the almighty Kincannon is so proud of. 

See ya soon...Randy