Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Real Reason Todd Kincannon Got Suspended: AGAIN!

By Randy Hahn

For all of you Todd Kincannon fans and hangers on there was NO massive spam block. Take it from me, when I had @FarRightOfLeft my account was very well seasoned with a follower count somewhere around 75,000 it takes a lot more then spam blocks to get an account of that size suspended. 

With Kincannon’s account much the same, but you cannot tweet out the words Rape, and you can’t tweet about putting razor blades in apples to hand out to homeless children on Halloween.  

Most certainly you cannot RE-TWEET something that was never tweeted, Twitter will get your ass for that and in the case of Kincannon he has done that many times to too many people; including yours truly and I have reported him to Twitter many times, as has many people he has pissed off.

When you make enemies not only from the radical progressives, but from your own side you are in big trouble and with Twitter coming close to their IPO much like Facebook did they are not going to put up with someone like Kincannon (there are many) and the garbage he tweets out, all the TOS violations he has on record; they just don’t have to.

For those of you slobbering all over yourselves tweeting Twitter to please reinstate Kincannon, don’t hold your breath. If they do let that bad excuse for a man back it will be on a very, very short leash.

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  1. His 'defense network' is really effective, isn't it? LOL. Hope he stays gone.